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In the 1980's, I was giving talks to grade school students about creativity and showing them how to make flipbooks. The animation industry was in a slump, so I thought I'd try my hand at making an animated short. 

No problem.

Thousands of drawings later and a mere 14 years of working in my spare time, I finished my film.

Here's a little preview of my cartoon.

I came up with an idea about a little boy who draws pictures that come to life. I feel that children's drawings have an honest energy to them and I could experiment with drawing straight ahead animation (no specific plan, just drawing one picture after another to make the action).

In the case of the little boy, I could practice pose to pose action (planning out a scene with key drawings) and adhere to the principles of physics and feeling emotion.

My short was accepted in over a dozen film festivals. (Hollywood Film Festival, World Animation Celebration, Palm Springs International Film Festival, Kansas City Filmfest, Hiroshima International Film Festival and more)  

I won a few awards and was picked up for a limited run by SVT, the Swedish public service TV station.


This is the most challenging and rewarding project I have ever tackled.